Opening Day Committee

UpdatedWednesday January 15, 2014 byBabe Ruth Import.

Opening Day is a celebration of baseball and community that is always a highlight of our HPKKA League season. This year we anticipate an even bigger and better event. Learn how you can be part of the planning team by contacting Jennifer Solomon,


Why Become a Volunteer

Give Something back to sport

"Over 6 million people - 26% of all volunteers - give one billion hours to sport every year." Sport England - SportNav

Sport heavily relies on volunteers to provide services and opportunities to and for their communities, with all clubs needing individuals to give their time both for participation and organization. Volunteering in sport enables you to give something back to organizations or clubs that you may have participated in, in the past.

It's Fun

Fun is the one of the main reasons people participate in sport and volunteering is the same. Enjoyment and the challenge of doing something rewarding is why people volunteer.

Learn New Skills

Volunteering in something that you may not have done before is a good way to learn new skill. You may have to go on a course to learn or update new areas of expertise such as a First Aid or IT.

Make New Friends

Becoming a volunteer and going into a new and friendly atmosphere is a good chance to meet new friends/associates from all walks of life. Meeting new people may change your life forever!

Build Self-Confidence

Volunteering can enhance your skills and ability to work on your own or with others. In many cases this can lead you to things that previously you may not have considered doing.

Improve Your CV

By volunteering you automatically build your skills and experience; in many cases this experience will look good to potential employers. More and more people are being taken on at work because of experience they have gained in volunteering. Sport is of course a very popular hobby for many and working in a sporting environment can build the skills you need.